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Frequently asked questions and concerns

Customer asking questions about our services

I've been underwhelmed by my past cleanings.

We understand completely, fortunately Evolved Carpet Cleaning was started with the goal of complete satisfaction not just partial. We go above and beyond from customer service, to a clean, no residue cleaning and provide the best possible results. From advanced spot/odor removal to a lasting clean Evolved is your answer.

Will you take care of our home?

Evolved uses protective equipment to insure your home is not only left the way we found it but better because of our quality clean.

Will you pre-treat and/or get out tough spots durring our carpet cleaning?

Evolved understands that when you schedule a carpet cleaning that is just what you want, clean carpet. We specialize and have trained to remove everything from common soil to spots that are unique to your home.

How long will it take to clean and how long to dry?

Every cleaning is specific to your home, therefore you should plan for an average of two hours of cleaning per one thousand square feet. We use drying fans and high powered equipment to insure quick as possible dry times which can range from one hour to five hours depending on climate conditions and soil conditions.

Will you guarantee satisfaction?

Evolved Carpet Cleaning takes extreme pride in our work and reputation, will will guarantee satisfaction and attempt to restore your carpet's appearance and health to as close to its original conditions as possible.

What type of cleaning is this exactly?

Great question, we start by equiping ourselves with high powered machines, we then add very high quality and effective cleaning solutions to a pre-spray that attacks oils, dirt, odors and soils. We agitate the non-toxic solutions that are specialized to leave zero residue deep into the carpet fibers. After some dwell time we steam all areas thoroughly, the end result is a clean, fresh and zero residue carpet left behind. We simultaneously run drying fans to ensure quick/fast dry times and no re-soiling.